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Magic Light Meditation
Meditation for Children

Sit quietly in a comfortable position, with your back straight and head upright. Slowly close your eyes. Breathe in slowly, breathe out slowly, breathe in, breathe out, in and out.

  1. Imagine the light of a candle in front of you. This is the magic light which has the power to heal and spread love, peace and joy.
  2. Let this light slowly enter your head in between your eyebrows and move into the centre of your head.
  3. Feel the light go slowly down your face, down your neck and into your heart which is in the form of a rose bud.
  4. Watch the red rose slowly open and see the light bathe the petals of the rose with the light of love, peace and joy.
  5. Now feel this light grow bigger, brighter and wider.
  6. Feel the light spreading down the legs and into the feet, filling them with light. Think, "may my feet take me to places where I will be safe and in good company".
  7. Now feel the light rise up, up to the chest, around the shoulders, down the arms into the hands and fingers. Think, "may my hands be used to help others and to do the very best in everything I do".
  8. Feel the light rise up the neck to the mouth and lips, filling them with light. Think, "may I speak softly, sweetly and lovingly to everyone. May I eat food which is healthy and good for me".
  9. Feel the light rise up to the ears, filling the ears with light. Think, "may I listen more and speak less. May I always hear the good in what other people say".
  10. Feel the light move to the eyes, filling them with light. Think, "may I see the good in every person and in every situation".
  11. Feel the light rise up to the head filling the whole head with light. Think, "may all my thoughts be good thoughts and loving thoughts".
  12. Let the whole body shine brightly with this light, getting brighter and brighter.
  13. Now, let the light expand from your body in waves filling up the whole room and going out of this building to the streets and towns.
  14. See the light expand across the whole country, then across the continents and seas, until the whole world is filled with light.
  15. See the light shining within all the members of your family, your friends, people you like, people you have problems with and all the people in the whole world.
  16. See the light shining within all the animals, insects, birds and sea creatures.
  17. See the light shining in all the trees, plants, valleys, mountains, deserts, rivers and oceans.
  18. Now let the light expand out from the earth, to the moon, to the planets, to the sun and the stars. Let the light expand to the galaxies and then into the whole universe.
  19. For a few moments, enjoy the oneness, the stillness, the peace, and the love of this light. Live in this warm and wonderful light.
  20. Now bring your attention from the universe down to this galaxy, to the earth, to this country, to this town, to this building, to this room and look at the source of this light within your own heart.
  21. Let this light remain in your heart throughout the day, spreading the light of love and peace within you and to all the people you meet.

Now in your own time, slowly open your eyes, remaining silent for a few moments.